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8 Most Scandalous US Governors Ever


There’s nothing like a governor either doing what they say they’re going to do or doing the opposite of what they said to make the populous of their domain get riled up. There are a few that have really taken the proverbial bull by the horns though, making decisions that make them an instant hot button topic of conversation. Here are our favorites:

1. Lord Byng of Vimy, the Governor General of Canada

In 1926 a little scandal they called the King-Byng Affair came into play. King was no lady to the Lord though; William Lyon Mackenzie King was the prime minister who wanted the parliament dissolved and a new general election to take place. The idea didn’t ring with Byng and he refused it. It led to a changing of the constitution that made sure the position was more of a watchdog one than anything else. Wow, was King ever barking up the wrong tree.

2. The Three for One

California governors attract women. Combine that insight with an artist who knows how to draw attention and you get an art exhibit that celebrates the lives of Ronald Reagan, Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger – and their wives, mistresses and lovers. In the series titled “Politically Vulnerable”, Maren Conrad immortalizes the men and the many, many women. We’re not sure if it was all for politics, but there’s no doubt that these leaders have or had lots of love to give.

3. Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina

There’s nothing like stirring up some controversy to keep a Governor’s office hopping. That’s what McCrory did by signing a voter ID bill, which had a certain political party in a tizzy. Then, in another controversial bill, he signed into law some very conservative pro-life legislation which went against what he campaigned on. Can you say, “Bring it on!”? McCrory may not say it, but his actions show it.

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